Tuesday, July 18, 2017

So, So Many Games... (Part 1)

This is (another) attempt to revive this pathetic blog of mine.

So let's start by talking about something I'm really happy with these past few months:

Video games.

It's been a good time to own a Playstation 4, really. Lots of great games, lots of remasters announcement (and actual release), and the fact that I subscribe to PS+ is an icing on the cake.

But of course all of those accumulate into one big problem for me where I feel there are just *too* many games too handle.

So let me recap some of the games I've played into some kind of list (in no particular order) or some sort.

*may got spoilery, proceed with caution*


Playstation 4
1. NieR: Automata

Come for the ass, stay for the actually awesome world-building and slick gameplay. I must say that I'm kinda late to pick this game up, released on March 2017 only to (buy and) put the disc inside my PS4 on June 2017.

A combination of third-person hack-and-slash with shoot 'em up and twin-stick shooter may feels weird at first, but it works and are fun. The side-quest may feels like an annoyance for some, but they make it worth your while not just by the reward, but also for the story implication and the awesome, awesome dialogue they give. And don't let me start talking about the "Weapon Story". Goddamn.

So far I already got two main endings and currently on the third route. Let's see what other surprises they're still hiding, shall we?

2. Final Fantasy XV: Episode Prompto (DLC)
After a little disappointing and short Episode Gladio (it still got it's moment though), Episode Prompto is actually fun and not-so-short, eventhough it's still not *that* good (looking at you, "final boss fight").

The implementation of third-person-shooting mechanic, a slice of snowy area to explore, side-quest, and Aranea as the guest character made this piece DLC feel different while still maintaining the overall FFXV experience. Now all we can do is wait for the last Episode in... December. *sigh*

3. Invisible, Inc. Console Edition (PS+)
A fun randomly-generated turn-based strategy. Little short on the campaign mode but there are so many combination (characters, skills, and other parameters) that'll make every new game feel different. Only finished the campaign once and I'm afraid I may not touch this game again.

4. Super Motherload (PS+)
A digging game. Nice time-killer but I may enjoy it more if it's available on Playstation Vita. May never finish it.

5. Game of Thrones: A Telltale Game Series (PS+)
A very Game of Thrones video game, for better or worse. Two episodes left and I can't wait to see who'll survive, if any.

Playstation Vita
1. Freedom Wars
A Monster Hunter-esque game. Pretty fun actually eventhough it never "clicked" with me so far. Maybe because of the overall theme and design aren't that unique... or maybe because of the terrible, one-dimensional characters.

Feel the need to finish this so I can (finally) sell it.

2. Final Fantasy X HD Remaster
Thanks to this game, I remember the existence of "grinding" and now I'm stuck on one of the boss fight. Funny thing, I never played the original FFX but I did play X-2 (which, somehow, feel more... fun?).

I really, really, really want to finish the game one way or another so I can play X-2 HD Remaster.

3. Element4l (PS+)
I wish I never know that this game exist. A hardcore platformer with "wobbly" control. As dissapointing as Lumo a few months back.

4. Hatoful Boyfriend (PS+)
A visual-novel where you're the only human in a school of pigeons. Played a minute out of curiosity, may continue because goddamned this is so stupid.


And those are the games I recently own and play. Mostly good, the rest are so-so.
Nine games, and if feels there are too many already yet I do have my current wishlist. What are the games in this wishlist of mine? Give me a day or two and you'll find out.

(pic sources, PS4: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; PSVita: 1, 2, 3, 4)

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